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The Youren, Bullock and Korell families all run rival outfitting businesses, taking clients deep inside the country's last great wilderness for tracking, fishing, rafting, horse riding and camping trips. truTV's Way Out West follows these three charismatic, engaging families as they compete to lead the best excursions, survive their various family shenanigans and participate in local festivals and time-honored traditions. From guiding city-dwellers who would otherwise lose their way to rescuing the families' own lost cattle, these men and women of the backcountry live surprisingly relatable lives, facing everyday family situations like raising kids and finding love in the last remnants of the Wild West.

Sharon Bullock as Herself
Cody Korell as Himself
Travis Bullock as Himself
Dali Korell as Herself
Matt Youren as Himself
Brenda Bullock as Herself
Kidd Youren as Himself
Amanda Youren as Herself
Chris Korell as Himself
Kelsey Youren as Herself
Trent Bullock as Himself
Randi Korell as Herself
Harry Youren as Himself
  • Welcome To The Backcountry - FULL EPISODE

  • High Speed Chariot Race

  • Do-It-Yourself Dental Care

  • The Women Of WAY OUT WEST

  • Unconventional Dog Breeding

  • Family Pride In The New West

  • Meet The Yourens

  • Meet The Korells

  • Meet The Bullocks